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• 1971 – State Commission of Exams, Dagestan State University of Medicine, Dagestan, USSR: Degree in Medicine and Surgery;

• 1972 – Federative Socialist Soviet Republic of Russia-Degree as Specialist in Illnesses of the Nervous System- Neurological Expert;

• 1982 – Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR)- High Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR- Nominated Full Professor in: Medical Sciences;

• 1984 – Central Institute for Further Professional Studies for Doctors, city of Moscow- Certified as Head of the Neurological Department, specialized in Reflexo-therapy, Acupuncture, Manual Therapy;

• 1987 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics- State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries: patented as author of the invention of the method to cure lombo-sciatalgia discogena (slipped discs);

• 1994 – European Diploma AMERS – Further course of specialization of high-level qualification in techniques of physiotherapy;

• 1995 – University of Rome Sapienza – Degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery;

• 1995 - Italian Republic – Taking the Hippocratic Oath;

• 1996 – National Academy of the Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation – awarded the corresponding Academic Degree;

• 1997 – Italian Republic, Roman provincial order of medical surgeons and dentists, certification of enrolment in the professional roll of medical surgeons;

• 1997 – The Higher Institute of Health Studies nominates Prof. Saidbegov: Associate Professor and Scientific Consultant of that Institute;

• 2000 – Ministry of the University and of Scientific and Technological Research, Italian Republic: confers the licence to practice the profession of surgical doctor;

• 2004 – Ministry of Health of the Italian Republic: recognizes the study Degree awarded abroad as Expert in Neuropathology and Specialist in Neurology;

• 2010 – Certificate from EuroSpine (The Spine Society of Europe): he is a member for his contribution to the study and cure of the pathologies of the Spine;

• 2010 - Certificate from "The North American Spine Society": he is a member for his contribution to the study and cure of the pathologies of the Spine;

• 2012 - Diploma as Honorary Professor of the State Medical Academy (University) of Dagestan;

• 2013 - Diploma as Honorary Citizen of the city of Makhachkala, as a sign of the great recognition and respect for his work from the city’s citizens;