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Video interviews

The following video shows the MRIs of 12 patients, male and female and various different ages.
In each image in the video is highlighted, using yellow circles, the presence of hernias before therapy (PRE-NIVAR resonances), and the actual sharp reduction or even total resorption and disappearance of hernias, after NIVAR therapy (POST-NIVAR resonances ).

Manual therapy for Backache- Interview in the Television Program "Medicina 33" of 27 September 1995.

Therapy of Non-Invasive Vertebral Articular Re-positioning (NIVAR) - Interview from 1998.

Manual therapy for herniated discs- Interview in the Television Program "Medicina 33", Rai 2, of May 2012.

Participation in the Program "UnoMattina" of 9 May 2012.

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