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Professor Dzhalaludin Saidbegov
and Doctor Ramazan Saidbegov
use Non Invasive Vertebral and Articular Re-positioning (NIVAR) and traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, to cure the following pathologies

- painful syndromes of the osteo-articular apparatus
- scoliosis, arthrosis in the joints of the upper and lower limbs
- cervical arthrosis, arthrosis of the spine, lumbosacral arthrosis
- and their related secondary symptoms (headache, pain in the neck and back, lumbago, lumbar sciatica, etc.)
- discopathies
- protrusions and herniated (also expelled) discs
- periarthritis
- epicondylitis
- styloiditis

The NIVAR method is the only therapeutical method for the cure of herniated or slipped discs - also those which are voluminous and expelled - without the use of pharmaceuticals or resorting to surgery.

The NIVAR method is totally different from chiropratic and osteopathic methods, and has nothing to do with types of massages.

Prof. Saidbegov and Dr. Saidbegov are, at present, the only two practicing doctors in the West, who are able to use and apply the NIVAR therapy.

In order to effectively apply this therapeutic method, extensive and well-developed experience in neurology and orthopedics is necessary, with specific knowledge of the central and peripheral nervous system.
Furthermore, to master the NIVAR method, no less than 5 years of study and training are necessary with specialists in this therapy.